AWS summit london - tw

Looking for ways to implement real-time analytics capabilities on AWS?

Meet with us at AWS Summit London (Booth S25) to learn how AWS customers are moving from batch to real-time analytics in record time with Rockset.

We’ll connect you to a solutions engineer who will help you delve further into how Rockset delivers sub-second SQL queries on deeply nested JSON or Avro data without any upfront data modeling or performance engineering. With Rockset’s built-in data connectors to AWS, you can:

✔️ Track logistics: Enable your teams to track and analyze shipments to optimize routes and downstream operations

✔️ Generate real-time gaming analytics: Use real-time data and analytics to deepen engagement and increase in-game monetization

✔️ Produce real-time personalization: Incorporate the latest signals to create compelling, individualized user experiences

✔️Create operational analytics: Make data-driven decisions in real-time to enhance services, sales, and product 

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LOCATION: Booth S25  | DATE: April 27th